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"One Tiny Seed"New Article
He'd been a healthy eight-year-old, happily blowing dandelion puffballs when he inhaled a single, feathery seed. In the dark, moist environment of his lung, the seed germinated. Irritation led to an abscess, causing the child to fall seriously ill...more
"A Gift Only A Father Can Give"
I pray as you get ready for the arrival of your precious bundle and acquire items for her nursery that you'll get rid of something from your home....more
"Libraries: No Safe Haven"
Steve often visits the library's genealogy lab to do his research. One Saturday, however, he saw more than his ancestors' birth dates....more
"The Crime That Takes Children Captive"
A retired police lieutenant and FBI agent recently addressed a crime virtually ignored in our country, the proliferation of obscene material on the Internet...more

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